In the 1920s, a group of Colorado Springs women citizens recognized the needs of children affected by the global pandemic caused by a tiny bacterium that was then barely understood: Tuberculosis. These women saw that access to nutrition that would help children who contracted Tuberculosis heal was severely limited. Therefore, they sponsored five beds, that within 15 years would become 450. On March 30, 1924, the Association of Junior Leagues granted a charter to these women citizens to establish what would be known as the Junior League of Colorado Springs.

On March 30, 2020, our organization celebrated its 96th anniversary serving our community and supporting women leaders in the face of another pandemic, ubiquitously known across communities and countries. COVID-19 is changing the way we interact with our world. It’s a foe we never expected to cross, let alone meet on our doorstep.

Leadership has been working daily—if not hourly—to determine ways forward to ensure we continue our volunteer work in a meaningful and safe way. Many scheduled volunteer activities have been suspended, but there are several ways we can and will continue to serve our community.

We understand that volunteering is a deeply personal choice, but the Junior League of Colorado Springs remains prepared to do so. In this time of uncertainty, we turn outward.

Honoring El Paso County’s Front-Line Workers

With the rise in need for medical treatment due to COVID-19 and the substantial pressure that puts on our medical community, the JLCS will soon be facilitating meal drives to feed our local health heroes during their shifts.

Leading Virtual Goods Drives

The most vulnerable members of our community remain in need of basic supplies and goods, including youth in foster care. The JLCS has identified a virtual goods drive platform we will utilize to gather these goods. The platform is set up much like a gift registry: Users pick the items to sponsor, and the platform ships directly to the recipient.

Championing Local Youth in Foster Care

Despite our organization’s reduction in fundraising revenue, I’m proud to announce the JLCS’s Fostering Change Fund assistance program has granted $3,800 this year to seven youth, six of whom had needs directly and specifically related to how they’ve been affected by COVID-19. Job loss, medical expenses, and rental assistance are just a few of the needs that the Fostering Change Fund has been able to answer.

Because countless young adults who have aged out of the foster care system have been impacted by the socioeconomic effects of COVID-19, the Fostering Change Fund program is in more financial need than ever before. Please consider a donation directly to the Fostering Change Fund to continue to support these youth throughout our community.