Fostering Change Fund

Fostering Change Since 1924, JLCS has served as both an initiator of projects as well as a ready partner to other non-profit organizations in the community. In 2015, JLCS convened a community advisory board to determine how best to serve the Colorado Springs community. Through several months of research and support from membership, the JLCS discovered that teens and young adults who have been in the foster care system, and whose cases did not reach permanency, are disproportionately affected by risks such as homelessness, incarceration and human trafficking. The League established Fostering Change, a new focus area to provide youth and young adults in or formerly in foster care with resources focused on the enhanced risk factors unique to this demographic. The League identified that this demographic is uniquely at risk and very often, only requires a relatively small amount of money to avoid much more catastrophic and compounding consequences.

Community Outreach VP Kara Beiswanger, President Katie Moon, and Fostering Change Fund Chair Kieshia Pearson presented the first grant of the 2023-2024 League Year through the El Paso County Chaffee Program.

Fostering Change Fund

Thus, in 2019, the Fostering Change Fund was established as a means of assisting teens and young adults facing transition out of foster care with specific, short term monetary needs. The fund is a component of our Fostering Change focus area, which endeavors to provide resources to current and former foster youth in order to address the risk factors associated with aging out of foster care, such as homelessness, human trafficking, and domestic violence.

  • Fostering Change grants are reflective of the Junior League of Colorado Springs’ efforts to participate in community-based collaborative partnerships that work to broaden the educational, cultural, recreational, and health opportunities for children and young adults living in Colorado Springs and to promote volunteerism among women in the community.

The Fostering Change Fund committee welcomes former foster youth and young adults in Colorado Springs between the ages of 16 and 25 whose case did not result in permanency (return home, relative placement, or adoption) to apply for grants up to $1,500 that will help address their otherwise unmet medical, social, emotional, and education needs. Organizations seeking Junior League assistance are encouraged to reach out to the Fostering Change Fund Committee chair at Read more details about the funding process here: Fostering Change Fund

Applications are accepted at all times. Find the funding application here: Fostering Change Fund Application

We are happily accepting donations to the Fostering Change Fund. Click here to make a donation.

A letter of gratitude from one our Fostering Change Fund grant recipients. It’s your support that makes this all possible!